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Q: When are practices and where?

A: We generally practice Monday, Tuesday  and Thursday nights at the middle/high school.

Q: What are the costs?

A: There are 3 categories of cost:

1. Membership Fee of $150 per wrestler (we do offer a discount for siblings) this includes a Team T-Shirt and your USA Wrestling Card that allows you to enter competitions and provides our club with insurance. . 

2. Equipment - This consists of wrestling shoes and headgear that are required in competition. Shoes average about $50 and headgear is usually $20-$30. 

3. Tournament Entry Fees - Each tournament has a fee of $20-$30 to enter and you can wrestle every weekend in Jan. and Feb. if you choose or you can wrestle a few if that fits your family better.

Q: Who will my child compete against?

A: In USA wrestling events your child with kids within 2 year age groups and within 5 to 10 lbs weight group. (IE 10 and under 85 to 95 lbs)

Q: Do I have to sell anything?

A: The only fundraiser we have is hosting our annual youth wrestling tournaments in December and February, so we may ask you to help work concessions, in the hospitality room or in other areas. 
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